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When I find something I love, I have to promote it!!  I am not a big shopper because I hate wasting time. I need to know what is the best when I need it.  If something is listed here...please know and trust that I've tried it and it's well worth your $.  Otherwise, it won't be here.  I'm picky and want to remain your trusted product rep.  If you love something and it's not here - send it to me!!  I'm always up for trying anything!

Best Snack food

Best Gluten Free Non GMO Kid Lunch School Snack

Working at the airport has it's benefits!!  Daily I find something cool and unique that I'd never have seen or learned about with a regular job. Today a dad came in with a bag of...
best lip therapy

Tiny Small Lip Vaseline Travel Easy To Carry In Pocket

I saw them at the airport.  This lady pulled out this teeny tiny jar.  Opened it,put her finger in and smeared some stuff on her lips.  I looked at the container.  (Yes, I'm so...
Shout wipe & go

Best Travel Cleaning Product

The best cleaning product I've seen in action was when I was at work at LAX and a lady had a spill on her shirt.  As much as I'm supposed to be working among...
one sink

One Sink or Two Sinks…in Home Design?

Building a house? Fixing a kitchen? What type of sink do you want? Have you even considered it?? Do you want One sink or Two sinks? It's a tough decision...that you never thought you'd have to make. But it's a...
house calls

Doctor House Calls Under Insurance:

Yes.  Really. You can have a doctor visit you in your own home and your insurance will cover it like a doctors office visit. Crazy I know. How can this be happening? But yes. When I spoke to an...
emotional intelligence

Do You Have Emotional Intelligence? Take The Quiz

Do you have emotional intelligence?  Take the Quiz! My aunt asked, "I'm not good at taking quiz's...what happens if I fail."   I had trouble explaining to her so she understood so I just said, "You...
the best dominos fall world record

Cool Video Kids Will Love – Domino’s

I've never really understood how to play dominos - so we'd get them to do line them up, push one and watch them fall! I'm not the greatest at balancing yet alone stand up a...
why go to church

Why Go To Church Every Sunday

Child says, "Mom, why do we go to church?  It's so boring." Mom, "Well we are going to go as a family and together we'll be bored." The above is funny...but it's also sad. More and more...
love4life laurie mcdermott

Best Anti Bullying Program in the USA

Based on her experiences with a black, angry, foster child that she took in after his Grandmother passed away, Patricia Jones created Love for Life.  An 18 week social and emotional program to give...
best social and emotional learning

Best Anti Bully Social Emotional Learning Program

The Best Anti Bully (Bullying) Program for Social and Emotional Learning is Love4Life. A program from PS I Love You Foundation. Two years Patricia Jones, founder of PS I Love You Foundation, in Redondo Beach,...

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