three men in a tub

Each year I fantasize how I’m going to do a calendar for my family.

Each year…I don’t.

Excuses come to me like:
“’s only going to last this year….”
“Where will I hang it?”
“If I do it this year…they’ll expect me to do it every year…”

three men in halloweenSo I don’t do it.

Then I see something like this and thing, “Ugh!  I can do it!  I can’t do it like that!

But I CAN do something…”

Click on the below link to see THE best calendar photos ever.  AMAZING actually.

Three boys (um…MEN) recreated earlier photos of themselves!!

Best part – everyone is still alive to do it all!!

The three men making a calendar two men before and after

Thank goodness I have another year to do it!

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