Meg and Roc Game Night

It’s one of those things you will regret when you are older, “not playing enough games with my kids!”

So before that comment gets into your mentality, DO something about  it now.

Meg and Roc Game NightTonight when you get home…sit down and play with your kids!  Sure you have 850 other things more important to do, but the one thing you know you should be doing and really want to be doing is playing a game with you kids.

You know you will never get this time back…and one day they will be older and you will be old and they will want nothing to do with you!  So make time for them today.

I did last night.  We played a game I wasn’t even sure how to play.  We made up our own rules as we went along.   But the best part about the whole night wasn’t when I won (I didn’t do a glory dance!) it was with my 8 year old said, “Mom, this is the best day ever.”

Spending time with them. That’s all they want and need.