Best Anti Bully Social Emotional Learning Program

best social and emotional learning

The Best Anti Bully (Bullying) Program for Social and Emotional Learning is Love4Life. A program from PS I Love You Foundation.

Two years Patricia Jones, founder of PS I Love You Foundation, in Redondo Beach, CA, asked me to teach her Love For Life Program to a 7th grade class in Compton, CA.

I actually laughed into the phone.  I was going through a tough time with my family and my only goal was survival and keeping my own kids safe.  How could I teach other kids life skills when I was barely able to keep my own kids safe?

A few months passed and I woke up at 2AM and had one thought, “I have to call Patricia….”

You know how you dream or feel things in the middle of the night and the next morning you either forget or just blow it off thinking it’s no big deal?  Well I didn’t.  I couldn’t.  Something so strong, so non-blow-offable had literally tapped me on the shoulder, woke me up and moved me to call Patricia at 7am.

She said, “Hey Laurie!”

I said, “God called.  He said I have to teach your class.”

She was thrilled at put me as a teacher that following January 2014.  I’ve been with the same group of kids through their 7th grade year and now their 8th grade class.  Once a week on a Wednesday I enter their classroom from 9-10 and what started out as rocky and challenging to both the kids and myself has let to a weekly session with kids so hungry for this material that their mouths almost hang open waiting for more.

This class is a blessing…both to kids…their teachers and their families at home.  How amazing is it that we finally have something that teaches kids to be responsible for their own actions.  They can control their temperature in their bodies and lives and can pass this on to their parents, siblings and someday spouses and their own kids.

It’s crazy to me why this program isn’t in every school as a mandatory curriculum.  We all learn the tools in school of math, science and english….where do we learn the tools for our tool belt to handle stress, love, connection and doing the right thing?

This is it.  Don’t go another day without getting this program in your kids school.

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