emotional intelligence

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My aunt asked, “I’m not good at taking quiz’s…what happens if I fail.”  

I had trouble explaining to her so she understood so I just said, “You know how you loved your husband for 49 years.  Well…there.  That’s emotional intelligence and because you’ve been married so long – you WIN!.  You are emotional and you are super smart.”

She nodded, “Yep.”

We all think we are geniuses at knowing what other people are thinking and feeling.  You can hear people all day long commenting on exactly that!  What they believe others are thinking and feeling…because…they know.  We all know.  Right?


How about being sure…by taking a quiz?  

Below is a good one!

I got 27 out of 36!

You try!

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How well do you know other emotions without them saying a word?
emotional intelligence