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If you live, you die. Part of life that when it comes to early bring us all hell on earth. Read these and feel better about dying and living the life you were meant to live!

The Soul Rises From The Dead

Ewww...that sounds creepy right? But do you believe? A soul when you die? In just a few months, my dear friend witnessed both his...
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What To Do The Day Someone Dies Suddenly

What To Do The Day Someone Dies Suddenly... As you read the below...just remember 1 thing:  Go "IN." Let me tell you a story.  My son's friend had a brother, Ryan.  My son and his friend...
calling the dead

How To Contact Heaven After Death

I had to call my sister-in-law Amy and searched my phone. I didn't expect it but there it was, my other friend Amy who suddenly died this past year. Staring at her name I instantly had dozens...

“Proof of Heaven” Book Review Great Read

Reading "Proof of Heaven" will have you convinced that Heaven is for real. Do you believe?  Why would you not?  I believe.  Maybe it really started back in 1986 when my best friend was killed...
life after death eric

My Life After Death by Eric Medhus and his Mom Elisa Review

My Life After Death by Eric Medhus.  Yes...the author is Dead.  I know.  Creepy. Weird.  But stay open for a moment.  That's why you are here. The book is actually written by Eric's Mom, Elisa...
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How To Enter Heaven

When you live a life filled with love... God judges you by wrapping a tape measure around your giant heart.

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