Kellogg’s Pop Tarts Are Just Fun Breakfast…or Snack!

what is the best kid snack

I don’t know how people get up, get dressed, and just leave the house.

Don’t you miss eating?  Aren’t you hungry????

Here’s what other say, (Yes, I ask.  I’m a writer. I’m curious)

“I don’t have time…”

“I’m trying to lose weight…”

Truth is you do have time and if you really want to lose weight, eating breakfast sets your metabolism into high gear.

Okay, but really, what to eat is what everyone who does eat breakfast debates over.

And I’m not one to go to battle for either side because I don’t care what my kids eat as long as they put something into their tummy.

My youngest has had a hot dog for breakfast, my oldest; pizza.  And while I’m pretty good at making eggs, sausage, bacon and a few other healthy dishes, I’m also a fan of doughnuts, sugar cereal and yes, what this article is about, POP TARTS.

what is the best kid snackAnd the critics way in:  “Oh…but the sugar high is so bad in the morning!”  “It’s full of junk that will kill them one day!”

Yes…one day we will all die and having a bit of cereal in the morning hasn’t killed anyone to date…yet.  And the sugar high?  Yes.  Well…who knows if that is really true.  When I have lots of sugar in the morning….I notice nothing big in changes in my mood or energy.

And, in my head, laying in bed when I know I have to get up, is so much easier when I know I’m going to waking up and going downstairs to be sitting down with a bowl of Captain Crunch or Lucky Charms.  Sorry, but it’s the truth.  And my kids agree.

On the days when Pop Tarts are offered, no one complains about anything and we get out the door much quicker.  And Pop Tarts are just so dang yummy.    It’s the first thing most kids go for at my house when they walk into the pantry and eye the square box, “You have Pop Tarts?!”

Not all Pop Tarts are made alike and our flavor of choice is:  Brown Sugar Cinnamon.  Just reading those Pop Tarts are best snackwords spark a smile and a good feeling huh?  Nothing bad ever happens when brown sugar and cinnamon are involved!!  Of course we do like Blueberry and Chocolate….

Uh oh.  I’m getting a craving now.

Have to end this.

Next time you are at the store, get a box of Pop Tarts and allow yourself to be 10 again!


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