Why You Should Buy Christmas Pajamas For Family


I saw it at CPK.

A little kid in the cutest holiday, elf pajamas I’d ever seen!  As far as I could tell, this 5 year old kid looked like a real elf.

He was an elf!

Where did the mom get these creative trappings?

Target.  Target?  Target!

If only I had little kids.

Oh wait!  I DO!!!  I have an 8 year old, and a 11 year old (who’s really small!)  I have two little kids still.

I HAD to have these pajamas for my kids!

I left CPK and drove straight home, walked in the door and told my two youngest, “We’re going to Target to get PJ’s!”

They didn’t ask questions, as the mere idea of leaving the house to go to any store to buy anything was an adventure since the husband lost his job and our spending budget for anything is 0!

Meg & Roc Dillman Matching ElvesWe arrived at Target 5 minutes later and headed straight to the kid area to find the PJ’s!  They had only a few left and I was so happy I didn’t wait.

We raced to the dressing room and the kids tried them on.  CUTE!!  Done.  Bought.  I was so happy.

Nothing is cheesier than holiday pi’s but matching holiday pi’s – even ones the whole family can wear?  Classic.  Fun.  And memorable!

Next year they will be too old to wear these but I already have been eyeing companies online that make WHOLE family outfits!

Stay tuned!