best ideas for mom

Yes, I know, your wife is not YOUR mother. But she’s your children’s mother and in that case, you’ve got to treat her like a Rock Star.

Hopefully on all days, but on Mother’s Day it’s a no brainer.

Some girls like gifts that cost money.  If you are a Mom, you know other gifts are more important.

So to make it easy, I’ve even gone to the trouble to create a simple clear list of what all Mother’s want on Mother’s Day from their husbands.  (If I’ve missed anything, email me.)

Ten Ideas for the Perfect Mother’s Day Gift for your Wife or Kids’ Mom.
1.  Daily we all straggle and complain that we do not have enough time.  Give her your time. Take a hike, plant flowers together or go shopping with her, etc.  The greatest gift you can give is time.  Yours.  Spend it with her w/o your phone.  Look at her.  Cherish her.  BE with her.  I can’t think of another gift I would rather more.
2.  Rent a movie you think your wife would enjoy. Make it special by lighting candles and making popcorn and then snuggle together under a blanket.
images-63.  Sit down with a piece of paper or a blank card and write a note to her expressing your love and appreciation for caring for you and your children.  Praise her patience, wisdom, sense of humor and other qualities she has that you notice.
4.  While holding hands with your wife, look her in the eyes and tell her how much she has made your life brighter.
5.  Give your wife a massage – let her get naked and do not expect anything (sex) later.  Just love her body and let her see how much you love it with your fingers running over each and every corner.  Don’t forget the candles and soothing music!
Or pick your own way to refresh your wife, reduce her stress level, and strengthen her spirit with encouragement.
Make a special effort to honor your wife and give her a few surprises – she’ll be sure to feel like a queen….and so will you next month!  Father’s day is right around the corner!  And chances are she’ll want to out-do you.