Elf Yourself is a great app

The only reason I got my two youngest kids Apple iPods was because I’m hoping they learn everything about them so that when something goes wrong on my iPhone, they can help me.

They do that with the computer and other equipment around the house….so I’m just being smart.

That said, on day 2 of owning his very own iPod, my eight year old turned to me and said, “Smile!” took a photo of my shocked face and began to laugh.  Moments later I’m hearing music and more laughter.  He showed me what he was laughing at and I was open mouthed.

Elf Yourself is a great appThere on the screen were little green people with familiar faces.  MINE included!

What the heck was he doing??  And HOW did he know what he was doing???

Enter “Elf Yourself” a crazy little app that allows you to take photos of people and put them on the heads of elfs as they sing and dance to this pop/hip hop song!

CRAZY fun!!  We must taken our photos 80 times laughing even more as we saw the same dance repeated over and over.

I still don’t understand how my kid figured out or even found this app, but it’s just part of my reason why he received one in the first place!

I know Christmas Elf season is over, but the app is worth a look!  Wait…or worth a Laugh!  Lots and lots of them.  I think I laughed so hard I cried.