why go to church

Child says, “Mom, why do we go to church?  It’s so boring.”

Mom, “Well we are going to go as a family and together we’ll be bored.”

The above is funny…but it’s also sad.

More and more people these days are against a weekly church service where they have to sit without talking, without texting for an hour.


Below lists a few reasons why people don’t want to go anymore and I say “Poo-Poo.”

1)  “Church is boring.”

If it’s boring to you – it’s your own fault.  There is endless amounts to think about and reflect on.  Are you doing the right thing?  Are you being kind to all that are around you?  What did you do wrong?  What more could you do to be of service to others?  To love someone that drives you up the wall?  Those are the things to focus on when you feel yourself on the verge of napping.

And if you do get to know the bible, or yourself, this single hour, once a week, is a gift.  All yours to be still, be quiet and sum up your week gone by and the week coming up.

It’s all about perspective.  Think “Ugh…”  It will be “ugh…”  Think, “I’m going to take this hour to focus on life, God and me…”  That’s what you will get.  Because as humans…we are never wrong.  What we say to ourselves (in our heads) is what we believe.

There is plenty to look at (all the materials on the walls as well as the hair and outfits others are wearing- gives you a ridiculously strong chance to practice being “NON” judgmental as you look at everyones choice of clothing, hair styles and spouses.)

2)  “Church is a waste of time.”

If church is a waste of time – that’s your fault. We all could use a helping of humble pie.  Sit for an hour and think of all the things you did wrong in the past week or month…you could fill that time up quick.

3) “I have better/more important things to do.”

Like what?  Work?  Clean the house?  Wash your car? Go to a Party?  Throw a BBQ?  Is any of that really more important than God?  Nothing is more important than you.  You to you.  All the bologna that comes from the stress of life can topple time for yourself very quickly…don’t give that up.

4) “I pray on my own…I don’t need to go to a place, once a week, to be forced into praying.  I do it on my own time.”

why go to churchI’ve said this before.  So has my husband.  But we never do it.  We don’t do it.  Going to church is like having a time-share.   Time shares are sometimes negatively called a forced vacation…cause if you don’t take the time to take a vacation, you lose the time.  People get upset with this and I want to ask “Why?” We need vacations at least once a year.  Yet people are often to busy to plan or to take one.  Let me ask you this? After you do take one, do you ever say, “Dang, I wish I worked more?”

Go to church once a week and you won’t have to worry about doing it on your own.  It’s done for you.

5) “People that go to church are the worst sinners.  It’s not working for them?”

I can’t disagree with this. As I look around our church on any given Sunday, I see loads of people who I know have behaved badly.  So what?  We are humans. We aren’t perfect.  Just think of all the other “behaving badly” people who are walking all over the Earth.  At least the ones in church have chance of self-evaluation and changing.  If they weren’t there, maybe they would be much worse.

And don’t forget, it’s not really about showing up for church…it’s about the REMINDER of everything church teaches us about humanity. To not be selfish and offer love and service to others.