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When I find something I love, I have to promote it!!  I am not a big shopper because I hate wasting time. I need to know what is the best when I need it.  If something is listed here...please know and trust that I've tried it and it's well worth your $.  Otherwise, it won't be here.  I'm picky and want to remain your trusted product rep.  If you love something and it's not here - send it to me!!  I'm always up for trying anything!

Little Pea – Best Kid Book Review

Sometimes the worst part about putting kids to bed is reading when I can barely keep my eyes open. But the minute I crawl into bed with my little guys, I'm a reading machine!  ...
Best Moonshine Stillhouse Whiskey

Best Moonshine Party Drink: Stillhouse Whiskey Apple, Mint Chip, Coconut, Red Hot

The Best Moonshine is Stillhouse Whiskey:  Apple, Mint Chip, Coconut, Red Hot are unbelievable when made in a cocktail!  It's strong and can kick your butt....but it doesn't taste strong and yucky.  It tastes...
the best iphone case

Unique Different Original iPhone 7 Cover Old Fashioned Cassette Tape

Unique Different Original iPhone 7 Cover Old Fashioned Cassette Tape.  Wow.  It looked so real I reached out to touch it.  I was at work.  He was a stranger.  But I didn't care.  I'm...
you are a badass

You Are A Badass Review of Book by Jennifer Sincero

"You Are A Badass" is an fearless book where power is given to you so you feel like you are in control of your life. Feeling unmotivated? Need a life kick in the ass? "You Are A...
Goo Be Gone

Best Glue Sticky Goo Remover EVER!!

I don't have alot of time to clean.  Which is why I hire a cleaning lady that I can't afford twice a month just so I can see my floors. It's at least once a week...

The Best Way to Peel a Potato

The Best Way to Peel a Potato I hate peeling potatoes.  So I'm lazy and just leave the skins on.  Then since there is 'yucky' brown stuff on the potatoes - no one eats them.  Sometimes even...

Top 9 BEST Family Games Recommended

Below I've listed my top 9 favorite family tested fun games!  I hope you buy them all and keep them in an area where others can see and get to them! At my house we...
The Devil in the white city, a book about chicago

The Devil In The White City Book Review

The Devil In The White City is a great book.  I even heard Leonardo Decaprio is going to star in it or bought the rights?  (If you see this unedited when the film comes...
best social and emotional learning

Best Anti Bully Social Emotional Learning Program

The Best Anti Bully (Bullying) Program for Social and Emotional Learning is Love4Life. A program from PS I Love You Foundation. Two years Patricia Jones, founder of PS I Love You Foundation, in Redondo Beach,...
Meg and Roc Game Night

Game Night The Easy Way

It's one of those things you will regret when you are older, "not playing enough games with my kids!" So before that comment gets into your mentality, DO something about  it now. Tonight when you get...

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