Top 9 BEST Family Games Recommended

Below I’ve listed my top 9 favorite family tested fun games!  I hope you buy them all and keep them in an area where others can see and get to them!

At my house we have a weekly game night.  Not because I’m a game freak, but because games not only connect people, games bring out fun, laughter and memory making!

So we play.

Here are my top 10 favorite games that I love to play with my family/kids/friends.  And yes, if you click the links and purchase an item on Amazon, my family gets a small percentage of each sale.  I refuse to do big ad’s – I only do recommendations because I want you all to KNOW that everything I talk about and or recommend has been fully tested and truly loved by my family and I!  So thank you, thank you, thank you for supporting this website and helping me feed my family by buying any one (or all) of these AMAZING FUN FAMILY games that bring fun and memories to your family too!

best game bounce offBounce Off:    Everyone can play this game. Grandma to the 3 year old.  There are many ways to play this game and you can get creative and make up different versions.  Best part (says my hubby) the game can take 3 mins or 30.


Game ClueClue:  A Classic game.  I played when I was a kid (we all cheated back then!!) and play now with my own kids. Great to play with grandparents.  Encourages smart thinking.


Catch Phrase:best family game  The original game is NOT electronic.  You do not want the electronic version.  The older version with the blue box is the ONLY game I’m recommending.  I don’t like the electonic one cause it’s not the same.  This blue box version (photo) version is best because it has removable disk cards you put in the machine and won’t ever break down.  We play this game all the time.  Breaking up teams into different players.  Boys vs girls, parents vs kids, you get the idea…  Classic, classic, awesome game!

Left, Right, Center:best games left right center
LOVE this game.  Any age can play!  If you play with money (pennies work, quarters are better!) you can get the kids to learn the value of having MORE!  This game is easy and exciting.  One of those games where you kick yourself because YOU could have thought of it no problem!  This game comes with the blue coins.  Toss them.  Use real $.  So much more fun!!


This is another dice game.  Fast & fun.  There are other versions where you get a wipe off board, but that game costs more and my research has shown that the boards are not of good quality.  This game comes with paper game sheets.  Plenty of them and you can always make up your own too.  But this version is CHEAP and perfect for a fun game night!!  Seriously – your kids will LOVE this game.  What I love most?  At the end you have to tally your score.  I have the kids tally up their scores and mine.  It makes the brain work while having fun!  LOVE it!!

Otrio:best game otrio
Notice the winning awards on the game?  This is NO JOKE.  This Game ROCKS!!!  Beware: This game is EASY but HARD!!  It’s tic, tac, toe on steriods.  But CRAZY fun!! I have played this game with my 12 year old for HOURS.  It’s better with 3 or 4 people but with 2 people you win when you pay attention!  And at my house – everyone has a dose of ADD!  Bottom line: Kids love this game.  It allows them feel smart and successful.

Capture The Flag:best group game capture the flag
This is a game I played when I was a kid.  We used our bodies and the world as our playground. Today, someone came up with clever glow in the dark pieces that are brilliant!!  My kids got this from Santa several years ago.  I almost returned it till one day – it was raining (in los Angeles – it never rains here) and all my kids had a bunch of friends over.  Out of the blue they whip out Capture the Flag, form their teams and before I know it they are squealing and running all through my house.  It was hilarious!  I couldn’t stop laughing.  They were having so much fun.  To date this is the game they go to when a big group of kids are around.  They play it outside now.  That inside night was a ‘one and only’ but it was so fun to watch them enjoy something I (whoops, Santa) bought!  They LOVE it!  Other parents have even called me asking about “The game my son played at your house…” so they could get it for their home or summer cottage.

Blank Slate:best games blank slate 
I first played this at a friends house with a big group of people.  I was pretty sure it was going to be a stupid game because I’d never heard of it and I’m the QUEEN of games.  Boy was I wrong.  This game is the BOMB!!  Love this game!  Specially when you play it with more than 4 people!  You really get to know each other fast and it’s really funny to see how others think!

Sequence:sequence game best game
Seems like a stupid slow game. But it’s not.  It’s literally anyones game until the very end! Anyone can win at any time and that’s what makes it very interesting and super fun!



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