7 Reasons To Try San Francisco Bay Coffee!

San Francisco Bay Coffee

“It’s strong!” was the first comment my husband said when he tried a San Francisco Bay Coffee Pod in our Kurig Coffee pot.  (Both from Costco – love that store!)

Here are the 7 reasons why the San Francisco Bay Coffee Company is worth trying:

  1. If you like coffee – you will love San Francisco Bay Coffee.  YUM.
  2. I MET them.  Like…in person.  They really are cool, GOOD, normal people!
  3. san Francisco Bay Coffee familyFamily. They took a photo of their whole family and put it on the packaging.  Who does that?  Family businesses – that know their product and are standing with pride beside it!  This one family business is just solid.  I’m sure they are like all families where they argue and air their problems….but any good family making any product with their face attached to it is going to do a great job!  The good caring-of-the-product hard workers float to the top (unlike a regular company – where money and greed can be rampant) and make the company a success.  And San Francisco Bay Coffee is quickly becoming a success.
  4. Costco.  If Costco approves a product to be in their store…there is only so much space in their stores! Products go through the ringer to get shelf space and it has to be good for their members.
  5. Pete (owner) learned about coffee young (see video – I can’t give all the information away here!)
  6. san Francisco Bay CoffeeTravel.  These pods and their handy-light-weight coffee press go camping or on any trip just fine!
  7. The yummy delicious flavors.   They smell fantastic just opening the bags of individually packed fresh coffee!  Click here to by a sample of their flavors: Doughnut, Hazelnut, Espresso, Breakfast Blend.

Click here to get Just the French Roast.
Click here to get the Fog Chaser! (I had that this very morning.  Yum!)

There you have it!  Now watch my video and see the Owners of the San Francisco Bay Coffee Company live.  Yes, live. Video was taken the DAY I met them!!  Whoo hoo!  Love bringing you these things!! Thanks for reading/watching and subscribing!!

For more information SanFranciscoBayCoffee.com

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