12 Fun Unique Baby Shower Gifts that will Wow New Mom

best baby shower gift ideas

Baby Shower Gifts are always a stumper!  You want something special.  Something personal.  So that mom will remember you and your gift forever. Right?

Below I list in DETAIL, 12 possible solutions to your gift situation.  Try and look at them all because one may speak to you more than the others.  My hope is that you will be so happy you landed here – you will share this page with others!  Also – everything listed on this page (and on this site) are what I have personally used, tested, and recommend.  I don’t use Ad’s to support this site, because they are ugly and annoying.  I use recommendations. So if you click and buy something you are helping me keep this site alive and helping me feed my family! And for that I am forever grateful to you for your support. Thank you!

HEED THIS WARNING:  DO NOT buy clothes for babies that are under 6 months.  Avoid the inner Mommy feeling of a purchase because it hits the, “OH MY GOSH THIS IS SO CUTE!!”  All clothes under age 6 months kids grow out of quickly or are never worn. Why? Because they are a pain in the butt to put on.  And babies poo and vomit all day and night.  NOTHING stays on their little bodies for very long.  So in simple terms:  clothes for babies under 6 months are a waste.   If you must buy something for this first age group I have ONE recommendation:

1) ONESIES. What they will use are Onesies. Because they are easy.  Small and perfect. And that’s all babies wear anyway.   And if you buy a bunch, like a 15 pack (15!) that this one has…the new mom will love you for being so practical and helpful. Click here to get the Gerber Unisex Baby 15 piece Grow With Me Onesies. You will see your friends kid wearing them all the time.  And if you have time – look at # 3 below and decorate them all yourself!!  It could be hilarious: See some funny things I created below:

baby shirt ideas

Gifts that are also GAMES for BabyShower:
These two below (besides being gifts) can be great activities to do during a baby shower.  Or as I mentioned above.  Get the whole pack yourself and create the 10 bibs or the 15 shirts by yourself!  So fun either way and so so personable!!  This is a gift your future Mom friend will not only USE but will THINK of YOU often!!  AND your creations will be in lots of photos too!!

2)  Adovely 10 Pack White Baby Bandana Drool Bibs.  These bibs are made of cotton and are great for keeping baby dry and clean.  Best part as I mentioned above: this is a great gift if you do it solo AND a great activity if you want to decorate the bibs or onesies!
3) Markers (if you give as a gift or if you do it at the shower or before the party!) go with the Bibs & Onesies let let Mom create them her own styles for her baby at home or guests can write memories or fun comments on the bibs at the Baby Shower!  All will help Mom remember them and remember the moment! These markers work the best: Fabric Markers click here.

best baby gift4) Disposable Table Placemats and a Personalize “Invitation to Lunch” Certificate are a great gift when combined together! Most new moms don’t know they need the placemats and offering to take them to their first lunch with their new baby will be a GREAT treat for them!  Going out to eat is the first way a new mom gets out into the world again…and when they do they will want to protect them from gross germs restaurants have everywhere that are blind to the human eye!!  That’s why I love this as a gift because most new moms don’t know they lunch certificate for new momsneed these!!  AND they will be so grateful you have given this to them!  If you want to get really creative, you can also add a certificate to give them at the shower too!  you can make on a computer inviting them out to their FIRST LUNCH! See the photo below as a sample!  So you are giving a great gift they will need and a fun gift (you can get the disney ones or any of the other options!) that they will love!  Click here to get the Disney Table Covers.

New baby gift idea blanketbaby gift ideas 5) Milestone BLANKET!  Will this new mom be the type that Keeps track of baby’s age?  Get the Double Sided Monthly Baby Milestone Blanket! Great for keeping photos/memories consistent!  Best part?  The blanket is double sided – meaning one side has the months and the back side has the “milestones” (rolling over, first laugh, first step). Very VERY cool!

best baby shower gift idea6)  PORTABLE CADDIE:  Mom will need a caddy to carry baby stuff from the bedroom to her bedroom to the tv room to the kitchen.  To change an impromptu poo diaper? To do this watching TV or while she’s sitting in bed. H ave the caddy ready for mom to go! Give her this Felt Nursery Diaper Basket,Portable Car Travel Caddie Organizer and fill it with fun stuff mom needs!!  Like a diapers, butt paste, vasaline, kleenex, a box of cookies, gum or a box of candy she loves!  Or even flowers?  You can get some fake pretty ones at Michaels too.  Dress it up!

baby caddie for car7) CAR ORGANIZER: She needs an organizer in the CAR too! Cause that’s where most moms live for 18 years!  For now, this caddie can carry all the little things baby will need and want while she’s out and about.  Get the best Backseat Car Organizer for Kids- #1 Kids Toy Storage recommended for new Moms!  It’s all about kids being happy & QUIET to get from point A to point B.  Let’s rephrase that:  it’s all about keeping baby happy so that mom has more time to not panic and be relaxed so she can be the best mom!



Everyone forgets about books!  Below I’ve listed my favorite baby books that my kids LOVED!!!  As an adult, I still have a stac of books I had from when I was a baby/kid that are still at my parents home that I now read to my own kids!  Specially the ones that have meaning or make someone laugh or cry.  Those are the books that you HAVE to save and notes on inside of book
or give as gifts!  And if DO give a book for a gife, make SURE you baby-book-inscriptions_959526write a handwritten note to the baby or to the mom on the inside cover!  My moms friends did that for me and it’s the coolest thing ever to read these notes years and years later!  Many of these gift givers have died and their memory lives on in these books!

They may not appreciate a book today, but I PROMISE you…any book with a note inside on the front cover to Mom and or her unborn baby or baby already born will be a gift that lasts forever.

My FAVORITE RECOMMENDED BOOKS Moms will never get bored of reading:
THE BEST baby book ever8) Love You Forever:  THE BEST BOOK EVER!  I dare you to try and read this book without crying. This book makes me cry each and every time I read it! It’s a book about reality and life and a moms love.  Because no one will ever love you like your mom.  Period.  A Mom’s love for a child never ends, no matter what the age of her baby.  Get this book.  For yourself at home when you have a bad day and need a kick in the ass to remember what is really important!  This book is also available in softcover! But the hardcover makes it a seriously lasting treasure!

best book for baby shower9) The Little Pea:  A book about a little pea and his family.  Adorable, funny and relatable.  Click here to buy or read about this amazing book by Amy Krause Rosenthal (a cool funny writer!).




the best baby book10) The Digging-Est Dog.  Funny.  Crazy.  Cool.  As an adult – I love to read this book too!  Unlike any book, filled excitement around a single dog. Get this book as it will be a joy to read for the new baby as he grows!





best book for kids11) A Fish Out of Water.   In this book a fish grows because a boy doesn’t listen to the warning from the fish store owner where he bought the fish.  There is a lesson and excitement while reading.  This book as a gift is one Mom won’t flinch when she has to read it for the 100th time!




best baby shower gift ideas12) The photo next to this #12 is a GREAT basket.  NOT my idea…but totally cool and unique so I added it!  And it’s also my main headline photo too!  (Can you now tell I love it?!) That said, if you want to put it together it’s fairly easy, but I’m not intereseted in taking credit when it’s not my idea. But i’m a big fan of sharing so here is the link to learn how to make those cute sock/baby item balls!

I hope you enjoyed the 12 items I’ve suggested.  And please, if you found something you think should be added to this list (something really cool!) let me know?  laurie @ TheLifeExpert.com  (no spaces – I just did that here for spam prevention)

The below links are more gift ideas for those you love – those sheets below are too DIE for!!  Thank you again for reading my articles!

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