Coffee Bean New Caramel Coconut Drinks Are Fun


Coffee Bean has fun new Coffee drinks that Kids love.  Well they did.  $2 Caramel Coconut drinks on sale from 2-5.  This was in March and you have to pay attention to know when they are going to do it again.

But this time when they offered the sale, I put it on my phone with an alarm to Coffee Bean Drink Salego off at approximate 3:17pm.  So when I picked up my kids at 3:15, my alarm would go off and we’d be on our way to a heavenly new treat before my busy schedule and brain got in the way of our caramel coconut taste test!

Which one did we like best???

It was tough but the Caramel Coconut latte crushed them all.

Was it the warmth?  The cream?  That fact that Mommy secretly liked that one best and held it in my hands the whole time?

Who knows! But what a fun, unique, different option for something to do or eat after school!  Which one do you like best?

coffee bean laurie mcdermott reviewCoffee Bean Caramel Coconut Latte?    YEAH!!
Caramel Coconut ICED LATTECaramel Coconut Iced Latte?  OK!!
Caramel Coconut LatteeCaramel Coconut Blended Drink?  GOOD!!


Your kids only are young once!  GO Show Them How to Have FUN!