Beach Party At The Jonathan Club St Vincent’s


The Best Beach Party is at the Jonathan Club in Santa Monica.  Once a year.  All benefitting St. Vincent’s Meals On Wheels.  So come. Get a ticket and show up!

It’s the best party you’ll ever go to…on the beach!  If I can speak like a California girl I’ll just add, “Best beach party like…ever…!”

“Seriously…?”  You ask…

Yes.  But not the kind of kid beach bash where it’s thrown so you don’t mess up your house party. And not the sneak-it-out-and-carefully-hide-the-red-cup-from-the-cops beach party.


real beach party. The kind you saw on TV when you were twelve and only imagined going to as an adult…only that never happened…

Well…if you’ve always wondered what a beach party was like…Now is your chance!!!

Once a year the Jonathan Club in Santa Monica hosts a party on the beach benefitting St Vincent’s Meals on Wheels Program.  And what a party it is dear readers!

Chefs from all over Cali come to boast their best for you to sample!  All while live music plays and bartenders pour!  (drinks are included!)  Starts late afternoon and goes into the evening…

If you want to see more…watch the video.

If you want ticket. DO NOT wait!!!  The event sells out every year!!!  You will hate yourself if you wait!!!  Click this link and it will take you to the right place!