Best Women Cheap Inexpensive Dresses, Shirts, Jeans, Bathing Suits


The Best Cheap Inexpensive Dresses, Jeans, Shirts, Bathing Suits Catalog Shopping I’ve found has been Venus.  Venus have an online store but I have always liked getting their magazines in the mail from their catalog.  As it’s a big reminder in my mailbox that all my clothes are outdated and old!  And the possibility of me looking sweet and sexy is not only possible but at my fingertips!

Best part?  Each time a catalog arrives I can sift through the whole thing without sticker shock knowing I can afford everything in the catalog.  The clothes are not cheap…and I’m certainly not cheap!  But I am WISE!  And because Venus clothes are inexpensive and well made…..I can spend money on awesome clothes, look hot and stylish and not feel guilty one single bit.

When I say “inexpensive” that means different things to different people.  To me it means great quality, great price. Think killer tank top Target prices: say like $15-$20.  On Venus, Bathing suits are sold separately and in pieces so you can be sure to get the right top or bottom to go with whatever butt and boobs you are trying to cover (or expose property!)  And those pieces are $25-$45.  And they are cute and sexy and fun!

Venus is not to be missed. Get a catalog and watch my video below to learn more and see a pair of original jeans that I love and are still available to buybest jeans from

I only wish they had them in more colors as my butt looks so good in them I’d buy many more!!

If they do and you see this…email me and let me know!

In the meantime, good luck looking hot and sexy!! Send me some photos of you looking all adorable in the clothes and I’ll add them on here!


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