10 Reasons You MUST Get Amazon Prime Now!

free shipping

If you have ever debated on getting Amazon Prime…this is the place to figure it out once and for all.

Not only have I listed 10 reasons why you must get Amazon Prime now, but I’ve also made a video that (if you still are wavering…) will seal your deal.

So if you really DO NOT want Amazon Prime – click elsewhere.
Because after you read…you will buy.

Still here?


10 Reasons Why You Must Have Amazon Prime:

  1. free shippingFree Shipping. Done.  (I could stop here…but there is more…)
  2. No more driving to 80 places to find that hair gel.  Amazon has it.
  3. Your days of heart-palpitations over last minute shopping to avoid embarrassment are gone too.  Prime has 2 day shipping – and can send product to other places (Gasp here.)
  4. Walk, park, shop.  Walk, park, shop. Is now changed.  To sit, click, order.  Sit, click, order….coffee anyone?  Dog needs a belly rub?  Done.  Ahhh.
  5. Counterfeit suspicions?  Think you have a fake, send it back, there is tracking on everything….full credit.
  6. If it’s screwed up, broken, doesn’t work – no searching thru files or boxes for that receipt, find the order online under your customer orders and send it back…free!
  7. Out of paper towels, peanut butter or just need a kid snack that’s at home before the kids get there?  Done.
  8. Kid need gift for a birthday party or a class party at school….set them down with the computer.  Done.
  9. Need a book (the paper kind you hold and hug?) for that trip you are taking in 3 days…pick from millions.  Got only 1 day? Send the book to your hotel!!  Again – free shipping!!
  10. Stress Free.  Easy Peasy.

And I haven’t even MENTIONED free movies and music on Amazon Prime.
That’s for another day.
For now…this is enough…the rest, is just a HUGE Amazon bonus.

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