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Bet you didn’t know there is a place in Los Angeles that is the cheapest haircut, color and style?

Now you do: It’s The Paul Mitchell School in the Los Angeles Valley!

Yes, yes, yes!  Students at the Paul Mitchell School Salon are still in school, learning how to do hair (wash, cut, color) while they work…with you in their chair as their testers!  Of course this all happens while their teacher is on-site AND very close watching all washing, haircuts and other action right as it happens to direct, teach and instruct.

I went there on a random Tuesday with 7 girlfriends and we had an absolute blast!  When we arrived, not only were they able to take us all, we got to sit next to each other for cuts and washes as well!  It was a great day.

Was I nervous being a guinea pig for a new hair student?  Yes and no.  Here is how you stay calm:  I did not do anything risky, like go really short on my hair or color my hair pink!  I picked a safe style and so did my friends.  The best part was the wash and blow dry.  I don’t know how they do it, but every time I get my hair washed by any salon anywhere outside of my home, my hair is always looking and feeling silky & soft!  Also – this salon (obviously) uses Paul Mitchell hair care products!  That is the point of their salon right?  So if you need some I have my Paul Mitchel favorites – the conditioner and shampoo or the tea tree Lemon Sage shampoo & conditioner in big cheaper bottles – click their links.  My most favorite Paul Mitchel product is their fast drying sculpting spray.  I think I love it because of the smell.  Weird right?  I’ve been using it on my hair since I can remember.  It’s one of my favorite smells on the planet.  Probably because when I first started using it I was younger and doing my hair to go out to look beautiful and meet boys – so the smell reminds me of that fun I’d had.  Now I only do my hair so I don’t scare others.  But I still love that smell!

laurie mcdermott reviewI often think of what my life would be like had I become a hair dresser?  I used to cut my kids hair when they were babies.  Then as they got older they started complaining.  At one point I have even been known to take a scissors to my kids head while they were sleeping just to do bangs or sideburns.  Saved time and money.  And by the time they noticed they were missing hair, I’d claim innocence.

Kids haircuts are not cheap.  So the Paul Mitchell location is a great place to take kids if you are in Los Angeles!

And I really want to add some secret information here.  I’ve met one of Paul Mitchell’s grandson’s at the airport.  Twice.  One time he was with his mom.  What an amazing woman.  Not only was she beautiful and elegant, she had an outfit on that clearly said she had style and class.  She actually looked younger than her son!  LUCKY woman! Rich and georgous.

So I loved the Paul Mitchell school and some of the products.  (I’m not a big fussy girl – and I don’t like a lot of make up so there are only a few things I use – listed above)  But either way, I’m a fan of the family, the grandson and now, Grandma!  Hence the reason for this article.  But the really cool thing I leared recently…if you ever go to the Residence Inn by Marriott, they ONLY use Paul Mitchell haircare products in their hotels!  Now that’s pretty cool considering I’ve used some crap hair stuff on my hair during many stays at some really nice hotels!  That makes me like the Residence Inn even more.

I did create a video about my visit to Paul Mitchell and a video about the Residence Inn (because I’m obsessed with making videos)…see all the videos below!

Here are my videos on the Paul Mitchell school, haircuts & Residence Inn by Marriott below: