Friday, January 22, 2021
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Welcome to MY FAVORITE THINGS!!  If they are listed here...they are: In my home In my car OFFr on my body.  Or on my kids bodies!  

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10 Reasons You MUST Get Amazon Prime Now!

If you have ever debated on getting Amazon Prime...this is the place to figure it out once and for all. Not only have I listed 10 reasons why you must get Amazon Prime now, but...

How To De-Stress Your life? Homemade Jam!

How To De-Stress Your life?  Make Jam At Home!  Create!!  Cook! When Life is Hard? What do you do? Cry? Hide? Become an Alcoholic? And when that doesn't work....what else can you do that you didn't even know you...

Wanda’s Best Beef Chili Recipe Ever

Okay...this is the best beef chili I've EVER had.  Wanda (yes, really, her mother named her Wanda. And it's not short for Wandaleen or Wandashellski) is a woman that loves to give her talents...
laurie mcdermott review

Discount Haircut Los Angeles | Paul Mitchell School

Bet you didn't know there is a place in Los Angeles that is the cheapest haircut, color and style? Now you do: It's The Paul Mitchell School in the Los Angeles Valley! Yes, yes, yes!  Students at...
snake birthday cake

Snake Boys Birthday Party Cake

Snake Boys Birthday Party Cake? I know.  Buying a cake has it's saving time.  (and sanity) But making a birthday cake?  With your kid?  Yeah it's a pain. Yeah it's a mess.  But oh boy!!...
how to make memories with kids

How to Make a Memory

I don't care how busy you have an hour or two to sit down with your kids (once a year) and make something....I mean BAKE something! Watch the video below and see how.... [youtube]
San Francisco Bay Coffee

7 Reasons To Try San Francisco Bay Coffee!

"It's strong!" was the first comment my husband said when he tried a San Francisco Bay Coffee Pod in our Kurig Coffee pot.  (Both from Costco - love that store!) Here are the 7 reasons...

Top Reasons To Get Out to a Cabi Party

A Cabi Party? A personal invitation to see clothing someone made? Who's Cabi? Sounded weird.  Sounded scary.  Sounded like I'd be peer-pressured if not forced into buying something expensive & ugly. I'm such a sucker...they had food, booze...

Little Pea – Best Kid Book Review

Sometimes the worst part about putting kids to bed is reading when I can barely keep my eyes open. But the minute I crawl into bed with my little guys, I'm a reading machine!  ...
Best Moonshine Stillhouse Whiskey

Best Moonshine Party Drink: Stillhouse Whiskey Apple, Mint Chip, Coconut, Red Hot

The Best Moonshine is Stillhouse Whiskey:  Apple, Mint Chip, Coconut, Red Hot are unbelievable when made in a cocktail!  It's strong and can kick your butt....but it doesn't taste strong and yucky.  It tastes...