How To Contact Heaven After Death


I had to call my sister-in-law Amy and searched my phone.

I didn’t expect it but there it was, my other friend Amy who suddenly died this past year.

Staring at her name I instantly had dozens of thoughts zing into my brain:
Life is so short.
She is missing so much here on Earth.
Her husband misses her.
I miss her.
I have to so much to tell her.
Life isn’t fair.
Why her?
She was so sweet.
Life is NOT fair.
What is she doing up there?

But my biggest thought?  What do I do with her in my phone?

I can’t delete her!!

Can I?

How could I?  Just because she is not here doesn’t mean she is not here.

I’m a big fan of clearing out crap from your life, but Amy was not crap and I hated thinking just because she died that maybe…just maybe…she’s not around somewhere when I think of her.

So sure….maybe her Earthly number doesn’t work anymore…or has been taken by someone else now…but just because I can’t call her anymore thought the phone doesn’t mean I can’t think of her or talk to her up in heaven from time to time.

So i came up with an idea: RE-LABEL her!!

Amy death dyingInstead of being under ‘Amy,”
I’m putting her under “Heaven”.
She’s my heaven contact.
I have a direct line.

I now have several Heaven contacts that I couldn’t delete either…and have no relabeled them all!

I encourage you to do the same!

Then you’ll have a bunch of people to turn to when you need heavenly guidance or help!

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