“Proof of Heaven” Book Review Great Read


Reading “Proof of Heaven” will have you convinced that Heaven is for real.

Do you believe?  Why would you not?  I believe.  Maybe it really started back in 1986 when my best friend was killed in a car accident I should have been in.

But since, at the last minute, I didn’t go on the trip, I lived.

When I went to her funeral, I didn’t go inside.  I stood outside. Afraid.  I didn’t want to see her.  What would she look like?  How would I feel?  Would she still be in there?  I decided not to find out and waited outside saying hi to everyone as they came in.  Everyone knew what had happened and no one pushed me to go in. Both my parents left me alone to sort my thoughts and do what I felt was right for me.  Finally something hit me.  Don’t know what it was or why, but I walked in…and passed over the line right to the front of the casket where my friend was inside.  I looked in and instantly felt a huge sense of relief.

Because I was sure.


She wasn’t here.

She’s gone.

That body in there was NOT her.  It was just a shell.  The sensation I had at that moment took so much weight off my shoulders that I could relax and breathe.  And it was then that I also knew, we do go on to someplace else.

Ever since that day, the subject of what happens to us when die has been a slight obsession of mine.  I’ve watched every show (Beyond and Back was a favorite!) and read every book I can get my hands on.  The latest one I’ve read, “Proof of Heaven” is by far the most technical and detailed by a doctor who (before his NDE – near death experience) was a non-believer.  Love it!  Love it!

Because now he believes.

And I never stopped believing.

proof of heaven NDE
proof of heaven NDE

What’s odd is I don’t talk about it.  Ever.  If it comes up, I will share and people are shocked to hear I’m so sure of it.  But then they add that must be why I’m so confident and fear practically nothing.  Well…nothing but small spiders and dying in a plane crash.  (I’ll die any other way – just not that please!)

But believing, knowing what is going to happen, keeps me honest, loving and unafraid.  Once in awhile I get stuck in the muck of here and now, but when I go to church or have time to sit and read or think, I can get back to what I believe pretty quick.

There are so many people that do NOT believe what I do.  Quite the opposite.  They think, dead and done.  Over.  To me this is sad.  I wish they could see what I see, but I just smile and nod and save my sharing for someone who is open and willing to hear or listen.  Because I have lots of other things to do here…and in the end, we will all find out what really is going to happen to us when we die.  Hopefully not too soon, though.

What do you think?  Do you believe?  Buy the book.  You will be amazed.  You may believe!

This is one of my favorite prints.  It’s a drawing of 9/11.  And where the artist believes the dead have gone.  In a mass group!  Not a bad way to go with all that many!

best photo of 9/11
best photo of 9/11

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