How To Stop Pain? Hold Hands With Someone


How To Stop The Pain?  Any pain?  Studies show holding hands with someone while you experience pain, makes pain less.  Did you know there have been brain wave experience tests with married couples that prove happy couples who hold hands during painful procedures experience less pain then those who aren’t holding hands, or are single or don’t have anyone with them?

flying fearI don’t like to fly and during take off, if you are sitting next to me, I will ask to hold your hand and then sing “Under The Boardwalk.”   Sometimes I don’t even ask.  Especially if my row partner looks angry or unfriendly.  I then pray I can hold my fear together until we are airborne before I crack and lunge my arm across the armrest to grab the nearest human fingers.  I never knew why until I learned about this study.

Flying is not painful to me…physically.  Mentally?  Yep.

The study did not include holding a strangers’ hand but I’m gonna guess – due to my own personal study and level of comfort – its the same thing.

Bottom Line?  It is a reason to keep loved ones close when you are headed into anything where you know pain or fear is coming.  That would include roller coasters and dark hallways too right??

So if you know anyone headed for some squeamish times…get there quick.
Hold their hand.
And pray it’s over quick!

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