7 Facts Why Southwest Airlines Is A Success!

southwest airlines

Let’s talk about the 7 facts why Southwest Airlines is a Success!!!

After United Airlines didn’t tell me I had booked a ticket that blocked me having a carry on larger than a 8×11 inch piece of paper (and I was forced to carry on 8 items (2 computers & accessories), I have actively been searching for a new airline to love. (Hello Southwest!)  Sadly you would think an airline would want to model themselves after the best, not try and match the worst: Spirit.

SWA has always been a favorite, simply because I love how happy & fun the employees are, until I spoke to Robert, a 20+ year veteran from Southwest.

Here are some fun facts about Southwest Airlines that will cause you to look (I mean BOOK) with them!

  1. Did you know out of 100,000 checked bags, Southwest only mishandles 3.5 of them?

2. Did you also know in the sumer in Vegas, before noon, Southwest Ramp guys will handle over 20,000 bags in that 100+ degree hot weather?  And they are wearing black too!

southwest airlinesOther interesting Stats:
1) SWA operates more than 4,000 flights a day during peak travel season. GREAT COMPANY!!
2) In 1972, SWA had to sell one of their four Boeing 737’s to cover payroll. Per
3) When SWA acquired Morris Air (1992), Morris Air founder David Neeleman,went on to southwest ramp guystart JetBlue Airways.  LOVE THEM TOO!!
4) The Largest “point to point” operator in the USA.  80% of passengers are local…only 20% of passengers have connecting flight!
5) Unlike most airlines after 9/11, SWA did NOT lay off one employee or ground one flight to save money. Then when BWI Airport opened, they dropped fares 70% and the number of passengers increased sevenfold.

Love you Southwest!!

Some of the interesting Stats were gained from boldmethod.com & Kickassfacts.com! Thanks Stat Guys!
Thanks Robert Clary!


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