We are Catholic.

I’ve said it before, it’s our faith that holds our beliefs.    There really is no proof to say there is a Heaven, there isn’t a heaven or where we go from here (Earth) (Yes, I’m discussing this)…or if we come back…

Then there are the stories of young kids with stories they have been here before.

Some so convincing with facts that you have no choice but to feel wonder and curiosity.

I have three kids.  2 have never said anything about past or future.

My youngest (since he’s been able to talk) has had much to say about where he came from.

I’ve written it all down and to this day he continues to say things that make me wonder.

Today….Roc said to me while eating a hot dog I’d just made:

“Mom, who put us here…”
he motioned the whole house.
reincarnatedI said, “Who put us in this house?”
He said, “No. Here.  Who put us HERE in this place.  This world…?”
I said, “God.”
He went back to eating and thought for awhile moving his body and arms like he does.
Then he went to throw basketballs and said, “This place is weird…”
I said, “What’s weird?”
he says, “This…this planet…it’s weird…”
I said, “Why do you say that?”
Roc says, “Because it’s better when you float.”
Before I could ask what he meant, he started talking about something else.
When I asked another question he shrugged and didn’t answer.