seeing is believing

The worst part about turning 40…is that you begin to go blind.

Gone are the moments when opening a restaurant menu or a paint swatch at Home Depot or a text on your phone and immediately being able to read it was so easy!  Now I can see anything without putting on….well…FINDING first…glasses.

Oh how I took advantage of my eyes and just being able to see recipes, the back of cereal boxes, medicine bottles at 3am to calm a sick kid (and me)!

I often enlist the help of strangers or my kids – who now, thank goodness, can all read (it’s horrible when all three of you (2 kids and me) can’t see or read!).

But the worst is when I think I can see and mistakes are made.  Like the time I read the meter wrong and got a $60 ticket, or the time I booked a woman named “Silvia” to stay in our bed and breakfast when shockingly it was really a hairy man from Iran named “Siva.”  (He was lovely, but it was a risk!).

Just yesterday I discovered the lotion my daughter and I were putting all over our hands and bodies for the past week wasn’t lotion, but Shampoo.

The bummer is, it’s only going to get worse.  The good thing?  I can still laugh.  For now anyway.


seeing is believing