Did you know…Our Soul Rises After we die…?

Ewww…that sounds creepy right? But do you believe?

A soul rises…like when you die?

In just a few months, my dear friend witnessed both his brother and then his mother pass away.

They were both sick and in hospice for many months only rooms apart in the same facility. After his brother died, my friend, Nick, was able to focus on his mother completely. As she was not a happy person, Nick actually spoke to her about her bitterness and asked her to please make this time in hospice a comfortable time for all.

Without agreeing, she obliged. Her tenderness came out and Nick was able to see his mom in a way he wasn’t able to see since he was a child.

They spent much time together and only a few nights before she died, they had a conversation that helped Nick feel his mom would indeed be going to Heaven.

Specially when the man across the hall from his mother arrived 2 days before his mom passed and was not unlike a live, angry devil. Nick did his best to control his own anger at the man who shouted mean and nasty comments to everyone who entered his room. It was a constant stream of yelling and screaming unkind words repeatedly. When Nick could stand it no longer he got up and went across the room to tell this man to shut up. But his mom stopped him and told him it was okay. She was okay. Nick thought perhaps his mom, upon seeing someone else so angry and bitter, and how it was affecting him, was seeing the damage she had done to her son from all the years of her own bitterness.


Nicks mom was dying and although Nick knew she was going soon, the nurse thought she was waiting to die and asked him, “She seems to be hanging in there…and we don’t know why? Is there someone else that she hadn’t seen that she may be waiting for?

Nick was puzzled. Everyone, and I mean, everyone had come to see his mom over the past week. There was no one else. He continued to rack his brain…who else was there?

Late that night he received a call from his mom’s neighbor. This couple had a daughter that Nicks mom had taken care of when she was a little girl around 5 to 15 years who was around 18 now. Nick was sure this was the missing person! “Can you bring your daughter to come to my mom?”

The couple wasn’t sure. Their daughter was quite upset and was scared to come see the woman who once cared for her like a mother. Nick pushed, “Please…can she bring her violin? My mom always loved to hear her play…I know she would love to hear her play again? My mom is dying but the nurse said there is one person she is waiting to see before she goes….it must be your daughter?”

A Waiting Soul

That was it, the couple knew they had to find a way to bring their daughter to Nicks mom.

And they did. The next day, she was there in her hospice room with her violin playing Amazing Grace to Nicks mom. It was a lovely reunion and while Nicks mom couldn’t talk or open her eyes, she was smiling, obvious to all that she was so happy to have her “daughter” in the room with her before she left.

Hours later, the couple of the girl called again to share their daughter was so happy she had come and wanted to see if she could come back again.

Nick said okay but he also knew, his mom had relaxed in a way that the final piece she needed had come and she would be gone by morning.

It was around 12:30am when Nick was watching his mom breathe. Her breathing grew heavy and he saw something out of the corner of his eye. It was like black mist, come over his mom from the top of her head and roll to the bottom of her feet.

Unsure of what was happening, he bolted upright and stood as his mom took a final breath and closed her mouth.

After thoughts?

Do people dying die with their mouth closed? Nick had heard and seen everyone in his life die with their mouth open. Yet his mom closed her mouth. He wondered about this and wondered about the mist that came across his mom’s body. Soul mist was what he later learned it was called.

Could he have seen his mom leave her body? Was that really what happened? He didn’t know but she was pronounced dead a few moments after he saw this mist.

The story doesn’t end here.

The angry man across the hall. He had never met Nicks mom, but the day his mom died, this mean man was in physical therapy when he broke down in tears. The physical therapist working on his asked if he was okay and the mean man apologized for being so angry and unkind to everyone the past couple of days since he had arrived.

The PT was taken aback but let the mean man finish. He said he had a change of heart in his life because the night before he had a dream where a lady with white pulled back hair had come to him and told him to, “knock it off…to start to be kind to others…” The mean man also added, “She loved to cook, I don’t know why I know this but this is what I understood.” The mean man did not know the lady across the hall had passed away. But the PT shared with him that Nicks mom had indeed died and had indeed loved to cook and had white hair that was pulled back.

Nick shared this story with me just a few hours ago. It gave me chills and reminded me that we are not here for very long and when we die, we do leave here for someplace else. Where? I don’t know. But there have been way too many stories to not give it a second thought.

And knowing how we treat others really does matter should make us all be kind and loving to whoever is in our lives.

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