Back to School Advice Kids Will Thank You!


Back to School Advice Your Kids Will Thank You for when they are older!

Life is short and kids grow up fast.  Documenting them talking about their own life is really cool.  Like their own documentary.  Make sure you do it yearly.  Watch the video below and see what it’s all about.

Just remember, kids are so influenced by everything going on in the world. Be sure to take the time every day to do the following:

  1. Have dinner together.  Doesn’t matter what you eat, doesnt matter what time, just as long as you are eating together.  No TV or phones.  Just talking.  Eating meals is said to have lasting impressions on children as they remember their youth.
  2. Read with your kids or TO your kids.  Kids lose their reading skills and read slower if they don’t keep up.  That only causes them problems later when they hit college or have any job where they have to read anything at all at work.  Slow reading = slow progress = slow worker = others are better = maybe your kid won’t keep their job?  Why take the risk, READ with them!
  3. Ask them about their day.  Not a “how was your day…?”  Cause that’s a closed question, as it may be answered with a “great” or a “fine.”  Try asking, “what was the best thing that happened to you today?”  You could also ask, “What was the worst thing that happened today but you want to get them thinking and remembering the positive.  But you could ask, “What was the worst thing that happened today and if you could do the day over, what would you do differently?”  That will get them thinking, connecting with you more AND sharing!Good luck and remember your kids will be old soon!  The time flies.  They will only be young once.
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