Skate Dangerous but Adventure For Kids & Teens


Skating is a dangerous activity.  I know I’d be hospital bound a mere minute after launching my body onto one.

We bought a sole sake for my little guy in fear.  Well just me. My son and my hubby were thrilled.  My son attacked it like a kid. Fearless.  Cause that’s how kids are.  They fear nothing till they get hurt.  So I must’ve been damaged by toys when I was little?!

Watch SoleSkate in action as my littlest guy, Roc Dillman, did his first video today. He loves anything that moves.  Guess that’s a guy thing?  Since we are in California and it’s February, he can ride his skate without too much trouble.  This skate is no longer avaialbe buy rip stikbut I don’t want to take the video down cause I will never find it again! So it’s still here. Watch if you want to laugh. Cause it is funny!  If you still need some type of skate for your son or daughter – look at this skate without pants or a jacket.  (Don’t freak, he’s wearing shorts – I recommend ALWAYS wearing pants)

If you are looking for a gift for a boy (or girl) ages 8-20, this is a really cool option.  Why?

Let Roc show you!


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