Best Gluten Free Non GMO Kid Lunch School Snack


Working at the airport has it’s benefits!!  Daily I find something cool and unique that I’d never have seen or learned about with a regular job.

Best Snack foodToday a dad came in with a bag of Dang Onion Chips.

Onion Chips?  Sounds horribly fattening and full of sodium.


Dang Onion Chips are (ready??) Gluten Free and Non-GMO.  EXPENSIVE right??  Yes.  They are 6-3.99 a bag!!!  But I’m the cheap goddess.  And I searched everywhere till I found the best price I found was in bulk on Amazon.  Three flavors.  I added the link for the one I found on this page.  I’m not a huge snack fan but if you are going to have a snack, have a good one.  And with me needing constant ideas for kids lunches, this fits well.

Dang Onion Chips – Gluten Free, Non GMO.