Phone Scam Alert: Warn Grandparents!

Scam alert

Did you hear about the Scam attacking loving caring trusting older people?  We must warn them all before they get the scam call!  Read the below and tell them about this SCAM Alert!!!  Warning!!  Grandparents Scam!! Scroll down Right away to see the video!!

My mom was called the other day.  And she (smart, wise, educated and only 74) feel victim of the billion dollar scam.


The ONLY way we can do anything is to educate.  Tell older people about this scam and others so they do not fall victim and give up a credit card or cash or worse.

Help Spread the word!!! RIGHT AWAY!!!

Scam alertTo anyone and everyone!!!

Solution to anyone calling your parents and claiming to be related:

  1. Ask them what their Dog’s/Cat Animal name is…or any other question that only they would know.
  2. Tell someone. Before giving up any $ find out where your “grandson” is really and truly at the moment.  For example, a call could come in from Florida…and your grandson may really be in Oregon where he lives.



VIDEO from CBS News:

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