7 Quick Ways to Feel Inspired.

7 Quick Ways to Feel Inspired?  Inspiration is everywhere!  Look around!  If you want to see it, it will appear!

But today, since you are reading this right now, it’s not anywhere right?

So 7 quick ways to feel inspired?

  1. Take a walk around the block.  Open all your senses.  Take nothing with you.  Not even your phone.  Focus on the trees, flowers, the birds and bugs and anything else that you can see, smell, hear.  I did that once and noticed my neighbor’s live duck in her backyard that had been there for 8 years.  How had I missed a duck?
  2. Eat Chocolate.  Drink Hot chocolate!  Nothing stimulates your body like a hunk of dark cocoa.
  3. inspiredClose your eyes, breathe and meditate for 10 minutes. Slow down the mind so it can open more.
  4. Take a 15 minute nap.  Sometimes turning off our brains completely off is the best way to find a new opportunity or direction.
  5. Instagram.  Sounds silly….but going though some of those photos are inspiration
  6. Look up.  Lay down on the ground outside and look at the sky.  We all did it at kids…but now we are too busy.  Look up….be free.
  7. Drive to a park or to anywhere you find a bunch of trees.  Nature does wonders to our souls…leading to max creativity and inspiration.

Do anything but be sure to leave your current surroundings.  Even on a rainy day, staying inside is destructive to creative thinking.

Inspired now?  Go!