US Airways must be stupid.  Or have someone who doesn’t have children making decisions.

They took out their TV’s!!!!!  ALL of them!!!   Well…at least from the planes flying from LAX to Philadelphia!

Are the crazy?  Sick?  Demented?

We flew round trip on a plane for 5-6 hours each way with no TV.  Even if my kids don’t know what the people on the TV are saying (it could be in Spanish, French, Igloo) if it’s there, they at least have something to look at!

Those two trips were the worst trips I’ve had to date on any airplane and that includes the trip where my oldest vomited in my lap and I joined him just because of the smell.

Dear US Airways,
Perhaps you think everyone is rich and can afford their own hand held TV device?
You’re wrong.
Please accept my apologies for my kids being loud, crazy or flipping on the plane due to boredom.
Surely I can stop them….but hey, I am bored too!


Bottom line to Travel Readers:  When all prices are equal, keep your sanity. Book another airline.