Flying sucks.  As much as it could be enjoyable…it’s not.  It’s now like bus travel….dirty, scummy, with yucky people bossing you around.

It doesn’t matter how awesome it was before 9/11.  All we know is that: it sucks now. And to be honest, unlike bus travel, flying is way too expensive to endure crabby workers and crappy service.

(FYI; If it weren’t for magazine travel writing, my insane curiosity and the massive guilt I’d endure from not seeing relatives….I would never get on a plane again!!)

Then I saw a discount flight (LAX to Chicago) on Virgin America.  Since I only seem to fly United or American, I was worried, but booked it anyway because inside (deep) I’m a dare-devil.

When I walked into the airport with 3 kids in tow, one started crying because their shoe was untied.  Frustrated they chose to whine instead of speak, I bent down to help when an angel spoke to me, “Hi…can I help you check in?”

I looked up to see a lady smiling at me.

Surely she was sick, insane or mentally ill.

No one behaves this way at an airport.  Specially an employee.

“If you have your flight number I can print your boarding passes at this machine.”

It was as if she was speaking French; Light, happy, unfamiliar.  And I followed her, like a child to candy, as music played in the background and strange lighting made me feel safe and happy.

Sadly we had to leave Virgin America’s happy check-in area to the battle-ground TSA….calm but wondering why everyone can’t be as lovely as Virgin America? At one point the TSA agent began yelling commands about making sure people with kids know they don’t have to take off their shoes anymore.  Noticing I was the only person with children, I wondered why the TSA agent didn’t just speak to me directly instead of shouting to 80 people what just I needed to know.

From TSA I could see Virgin America’s boarding area like a light beacon as if I were a damaged boat desperate to get to shore!

Once onboard, it was back to  seeing the relaxing light and my inner, “Ah….”

The best part of flying Virgin America?

1) Your own private TV. Right in the seat in front of you. It’s all yours!

2) The TV offers “texting.”  To anyone on the plane!  Just type in their seat # and type away! Works great for lazy folks whose friends who are stuck 15 rows away! Or if you think someone is hot and want to send a hunky guy a cocktail with requests for a meeting in back to join that mile-high club?

3) Food. No more waiting for the cart to come and block the aisle when you need to pee.
To order food or drinks, type into your computer, swipe the credit card (sodas a free) and they deliver it to you right away.

Dear Virgin America,
I love you.