Self Acceptance is the Key to Happiness…Meet Chris

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Self Acceptance is the Key to Happiness…Meet Chris…What is missing from his life?  Do you think he is happy or not happy because of it?

Teaching a kid to love themselves isn’t hard if you love you.  Do you love you?  I love me.  Not sure how my parents taught me that.  Still trying to figure out that answer….as I’d really like to teach my kids to just love and accept who they are 100%!

Being full-filled and content with life is all about self-acceptance….of who you really are….what you really are…and all those things that you may not really like about yourself.

Self-acceptanceLike I’m thin….but gosh I hate the hunk of cellulite that hangs out between my thigh and my ass.  The older I get, the more I look at it and roll my eyes!  What choice do I have right?  Exercise doesn’t work.  I tried.  Surgery?  Well…there isn’t one I know of to just cut the hunk off and even if there was, I have no money to do it anyway.  Besides….I’ve really accepted, it’s just the way God made my body.  Oh well.  It’s just me and I’m learning to love it anyway.

I do struggle in accepting new wrinkles that attack my face….and that gray hair…and the fact that I need reading glasses to see anything smaller than a quarter.  But I deal with it….because…well…it’s life.  At least I can smile, laugh and enjoy the smallest of pleasures.

Then I see videos like the one below and think…yes…. many of us have NOTHING to complain about.  Ever.

3 Things We MUST Have in Life To Be Happy.

How To Be Happy? Just Smile.

How To Be Successful? Faith, Hope, Love








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