How To Be Successful? Faith, Hope, Love

How To Be Successful? Faith, Hope, Love.  They won’t get you the job or career you want, but if you have all three of these things, and work hard, you will get there faster and happier.
Faith is my favorite.  Sure your mom, dad or friends can have faith in you, but if YOU don’t have faith in you…forget it.  You have to believe in yourself.  You must have faith in you.
Jesus said that faith is essential to making your life into what  you want it to be.  He how to be successfulsaid, “As you believe, so it shall be done unto you.”   Meaning if you believe you are the best singer on the planet, nothing will stop you until you become that. People that believe they are…are…or they become what they are.  Simply because they believe so.

Here are 5 reasons:

1) When you believe in you, you can clearly see where you are going.
2) Dreams you want, because you are thinking about them so often, become your reality.
3) You will feel positive and happy about your wants/dreams/goals…others see if and then others believe it too.
4) Because you believe, your thoughts become your future and your actions will mirror your thoughts.

Have faith.  Believe.  See. And it will happen for you.