Why I Wish I Was a Man…

kid peeing outside

Oh no!  I’m not saying I want to be a man.   Heavens!   I’m beyond glad God made me female!!

But there is ONE thing I’m soooo jealous about men….


They can do it anywhere.  Anytime.  And it takes them about two seconds to whip it out and tuck it back in.

I recently started working at CPK (stop laughing) (it’s actually some of the most fun I’ve had (besides the ridiculous stuff I do with my kids) in a long time!) But the uniform I have to wear…has a belt, a zipper and a apron on top…takes me at least 5 mins from entering the bathroom till I’m back on the floor!  And in terms of girls, I’m one fast pee-er.

If I had a ‘thing’ I could pull out and put back in….oh!  The time I’d save!  That’s why I’m totally jealous!

Not saying I’d ever choose that ‘thing’ over what I have.  I like my parts.  But how I wish the VaJaJa was pull-out-able and worked while standing.

Case in point is listed below!  He’s even smiling!  (course the bathroom was 15 steps in the door.  But going outside is WAY more cool!

kid peeing outside

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