Oil of Olay Daily Facial Cloths Are Perfect for Carry-On Travel!


Oil of Olay Daily Facial Cloths are Perfect for Travel!  Because there is NO liquid!! Great for carry on traveling!

I hate – HATE – airport security. Anything I can do ahead of time so I don’t have to even open my mouth in their presence makes me grin with pleasure. (did I say I hate security?  Big beefy power-hungry….(I should stop.)

One big cure for keeping them at bay?  Changing my liquid face soap to these face wash cloths from Oil of Olay.  They are disposable facial cloths (i use them for just washing my face) – they come in huge sheets so if you cut them in 4 pieces, you have enough for two days (cause you wash your face every morning and night, right???)

That’s my new discovery I’m sharing with you. Brilliant!

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