Time Killer For Kids

Roc Dillman Chalkified

Time Killer?  I use that word lightly here.

I was waiting for my friend and sat in front of her house with her youngest and mine.  The two of them were running so out of control I was afraid they’d dart out into traffic and be killed.  Moments before I was ready to escort them inside, my friend’s daughter said “Let’s draw each other…”  Next thing I know they have outlined their bodies and began coloring them in with chalk.

By then my friend came down and we had plenty of time to gab because the kids were sooo busy.

After what seemed like a good hour, they were done and I took their photos as they lay by their ‘twin’…or as I thought later when I got home, “The animated chalk version of each kid the police would draw if my fear (first mentioned above) actually happened.”

Horrible thought….but it’s one of those moments that remind me of how short life really is.  And that even if my little guy drives me crazy….he’ll only be young once!Body and chalkRoc Dillman Chalkified

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