family rafting trip

Really???  White water rafting…in Bakersfield CA?

I laughed when I heard that.  No wait…it was more of a howl.

It was a Groupon that inspired me to even LEARN about this experience.  And was I glad I did (You know me…great price…fun experience…I’m in!)

So I took the kids to Bakerfield the night before our ‘scheduled rafting trip’ and we did the hotel/pool thing and had a blast. Cause really…who doesn’t have fun at a hotel in 100 degree weather with a pool?

The next morning, we had breakfast and drove through the Orange Orchard and then turned right.  (small town = small location directions just like in the movies, “Yep! Turn left at the big tree, not the little one, the one that looks like Jesus.”)

Bottom line:  RiversEnd Rafting was a great experience!  My kids had as much fun as I did!  The whole way home everyone was sound asleep.  Well…not me…someone had to drive.  Next time, we’ll stay TWO nights!  Then it would feel like an even

WATCH the video below:

Rafting on the Kern River