Best Travel Cleaning Product


The best cleaning product I’ve seen in action was when I was at work at LAX and a lady had a spill on her shirt.  As much as I’m supposed to be working among the travel people, I do tend to spend a lot of time watching them in action.  So after I watched this lady spill, I noticed her instantly pull out this little plastic white container, and then pull out something white out of there  and started dabbing at her shirt.

By now, dear readers, you know my subtle personality…and can only imagine the scene playing out where I jump into her table conversation and  instantly butted in with the words, “What is that?”

She laughed at my frankness.  Some stranger now heaved over her blouse staring at her boobs, “My home security blanket.”

Impressive.  Shout now makes this travel cleaning pack of portable wipes!!  Having 3 messy kids, who will clean only when it’s fun, I can only fantasize over all the uses for it!!

While I have not tried it.  She said it works wonders and since she didn’t know me and wasn’t getting paid, I believed her.

Shout Portable Wipes.

Shout wipe & go