Should We Get Dog?


Should we get a dog?   Yes?  No?  Is it right for me and my family?

cutest puppy cutest puppyWhen answering the question, “Do we make a baby or have one of these…” Ask the bigger question: “If I go away for a week and lock them both in the garage….when I come home, who will be happier to see me?”

Truth is…if you want to want to get a dog take note of the following:  If I get a dog:
1) I will never be able to leave home like on a trip without dog care.
2) Forever I will have to find someone to take care of dog while gone.
3) Providing food and drink for just myself will no longer be an option as I have another dog body to provide for.
4) Poop will have a whole new meaning for me.
5) Walks will and play-time so new dog doesn’t eat furniture and small children will not be options.
6) Expensive vet visits for flea meds, other meds, any meds, check ups and possibly removing a pair of thong underwear from your dog’s instestine may be in your future.
7) Your heart will be stolen.

If you can handle the above – go for it.  If you can’t…it’s okay if your kids hate you because of it.  Least you won’t have poo or hair all over your house…or undisturbed sleep because of barking and a lost skunk.  And you will never have to experience skunk smell in your nose, hair or eyes.

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