How Not To Get Caught Stealing At LAX


How not to get caught stealing at LAX?  1st, DON’T be a dumb ass.

2) When you are going to steal something….don’t do it at an airport and go next door to the place where you stole it from and then please don’t leave it on the table as a display. This fellow took an item from the store beside our restaurant and then came to eat and set the stolen item on top of the table. Even the police that came to visit him were confused as to his lack of brain power. That said, don’t steal at an airport….or we can go further…just don’t steal…like ever. Ruins your Karma.

Robbery at LAXThis guy (behind the police officer) went to a store. Took a couple things and then headed over to the Rock and Brews for lunch.  Smart?  Stupid?  Not really sure?

He did not get arrested because the police thought he was indeed not the brightest star on the planet.  But airport criminals at large…take note…leave the robbery activity for the outside.  If you do it in the airport, past security…you are doomed.  The number of police and security guys/girls far outweigh the number of people trying to play Robbin Hood.

One guy once stole a purse and then went to his gate and sat there.  With the purse.  Again…smart?  Stupid?  Not really sure?  I personally find them interesting.  Who was their mom??