10 Reasons Vacation Las Vegas Golden Nugget Hotel

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10 Easy Reasons to Vacation at the Golden Nugget Hotel in Las Vegas.

First ask yourself, “Why are you going to Vegas?”  Fun? Work? Wedding? Wild getaway with friends? Family?

Of course everyone loves to stay on the strip.  Yet with the bazillions (I made that word up) of other people coming to Vegas each year…the strip is so packed it’s hard to walk on the main sidewalks without being stalled because another person decided to stop and answer their phone, point at some giant larger-than-a-car sign or fix their broken 6″ heel.

So off the strip is not a bad idea.  Actually it’s a great idea!  Specially if you choose to stay at the Golden Nugget!


Here are the top 10 reasons to stay at the Golden Nugget.

  1. As I clearly said above, it’s NOT on the strip!
  2. The Golden Nugget has three towers.  All are awesome and newly renovated…or newly modernized.
  3. Big TV’s and Incredible views because there are few other buildings to block your view!!
  4. Less people.
  5. Freemont street.  A live action full of lights night on the street brings a bedazzle of things to see and do.
  6. Prices.  You save money staying off the strip.
  7. The pool.  The lounge chairs are fun and big and comfy.
  8. Shark tank slide.  Slide down into a pool through a shark tank!  Don’t worry, glass separates the sharp teeth from access to your body.
  9. Free Parking.  It’s a new thing that all the big hotels are charging for parking!!  $9 to 15$ a day!!  That adds up.  But not at The Golden Nugget!! Say it with me, “Whoo!!”
  10. The last reason to stay at the Golden Nugget?  Because I said suggested you stay there.    And as a travel writer, I’ve seen lots of things.  Hands down: This place is cool!!

Bottom Line for Vegas?  
Even if you don’t like to gamble, there is plenty to do there just to get away.  Even if you hang at the hotel and the pool all day…that’s a nice vacation to anyone!!

Get out and have fun people!!

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