Best Resort/Hotel Northstar, North Lake Tahoe

Great bear lodge northstar

The best resort or hotel in Northstar is in the village. Why?

I was told, “Stay in The Village!”

But where?

When you google, “Where to stay in Northstar,” the site  pops up and on that site you have to choose from the following:
Big Horn Lodge, Catamount Lodge, Village Walk Townhomes, Great Bear Lodge, Inn Horse Lodge, One Village Place, Constellation Residences at Northstar, and Northstar Private Homes.

What?  Yes.  Confusing is putting this mildly.  So my best suggestion…get to the site and look at some of the photos and then call 530-550-3300.

You can’t go wrong talking to a human (unless they don’t speak English very well…but that doesn’t happen in America’s travel business – except airlines! Ugh!) (thank goodness)  Talk to a human who knows the product and can tell you about it so you understand.  They will help answer all of your questions, specially if you are traveling with more than one family!  Lodging, space and sleeping arrangements should never be a surprise.  Talking to a human confirms this won’t happen.  Hopefully.  Because you’ll always be able to say, “I spoke to ….”  (CYA – you know what that means.)

One good thing to note? (Because I’m an anal writer and personally looked at all the rooms while I was there) All of Tahoe Mountain Resort lodging rooms are new looking, extremely comfortable and have everything (did I say everything??) (yes, I think I did, twice actually) you need for a fantastic vacation.  Including a kitchen, access to gym, pool and space to breathe. Most importantly of all?  Every property on the mountain is mere steps away from your skiing adventure, dining opportunities and The Villager Candle! (yes, that’s a link there to a video about Villager Candle so click it!)

My family stayed in the Iron Horse Lodge (which is just the name of the building it’s in).  It was beyond large and luxurious (3 bedrooms/3 baths) and had a sound system and television remote my 15 year old couldn’t stop drooling over. Yet after viewing all the properties, my favorite residence is the Great Bear Lodge. Why? One reason. The elevator opens up to your room! Yes! Elevator into your room! Just like in the movies! The door opens and the actor steps out…into his hallway of his apartment!  My kids thought this was the coolest thing ever!  (They still talk about it.)  And most of these condos/rooms are great for 2 families.

I was even told most guests that return to NorthStar annually come back to the same condo/room in Great Bear Lodge because they too think the elevator opening up into the room is a cool feature too!  Most of these residences are privately owned so they each have their own decor and pizzaz.  Be sure to travel with other families…great way for kids to have fun and since most rooms are big enough for a 2nd family to join…each of you saves money!

Warning: if you are interested in reserving one, book early. Specially if you are interested in staying in the “elevator opening up into your room” Great Bear Lodge!  They go quick.

The other benefit of these rooms is that the kitchens are fully stocked with all the hardware. Meaning: you supply the food and the spices- they have all the fixings to make anything! Our room even had a Cusinart! I’ve never in my life seen a food processor in a residential rental before. So if you love to cook, these kitchens are so inspiring you maybe able to save your family a few bucks while making new memories in a nice kitchen!  Click here to watch video about the rooms in Northstar.

NorthStar screams family ski resort with all of the accommodations I described above as well as one of the nicest ski in-ski out hotels I’ve seen in Lake Tahoe: The Ritz Carlton. The Ritz Carlton is a big, beautiful, large resort (with several dining options) located on the NorthStar Mountain, at the top of the Highlands Gondola (no charge to ride!) Even if you are staying in the Village, the free gondola ride entices you to visit the Ritz Carlton for a meal, cocktail or just to walk around their beautiful grounds as you watch the snow fall, listen to music, and enjoy skiers fly by!

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