kids eat an apple

It’s 5:04 pm and three people under the age of 15 are circling the kitchen island moaning the only way kids can:

“Ugh!  When’s dinner…???”

“Why are we having that?”

“Just a bowl of cereal?  It won’t ruin anything!  I’m starving!”

That’s when I say my standard reply:  “You can have an apple…”

And hear the same responses each and every time.

“NO!” Or   “NO, Mom!  I’m said I’m starving!!”

Then I say my standard reply to theirs:  If you wont eat an Apple you’re not that hungry.”

They groan, yell and/or leave the kitchen.

Bottom line.  I agree.  An apple doesn’t cure the hunger for the meal they are smelling, but if you are really, truly ‘starving’ and apple, even the core, the seeds and the stem, are all edible and make good food.

Think about the boys in the boat in “Unbroken.”  You aren’t that hungry.