A Guilty Mind Is Always Suspicious

how to be honest

A Guilty Mind Is Always Suspicious.

How does that hit you?

Are you guilty of anything?

Are you doing the right thing?

I had a boyfriend in college who was constantly questioning or accusing where I was, who I was with, and what I was doing.  And no matter what I said, he would ask more questions, assuming I was lying.

Like a young stupid, gullible, naive girl, I would giggle at the cute attention he would give me, believing he adored me so much he was just worried he’d lose me.

It wasn’t until 4 years into our relationship that I learned he’d been cheating on me pretty much the whole time we were together.  From continuing a long term relationship with an old girlfriend out of state, to making-out with my best friend in my family’s kitchen (while I was in the other room) (she’s still my best friend) he was a bad boy to the core.

I ran from that relationship like it was the plague.  To this day he’ll still call my mom to check in and ask about me….and from what she’s said he’s been married and divorced several times.  Glad I missed that train.

That said, my experience with him added a tool to my tool belt.  How a person acts when they are guilty of doing the same thing.  A guilty mind is always suspicious.

Maybe that’s why I’m never suspicious.  When someone tells me they are going to be there or that they are doing something. The very thought of them doing something else or being deceitful is far from my mind.  Why?  Because I’m not doing anything that would cause me to wonder what they are doing.

how to be honestMake sense?

I guess the point of this article is to be you.  Do the right thing and hope and really believe that others will do the same.  How awful a world full of doubters and suspicions?  If you want to join that world…then go at it.

If (or when) you get burned or friends/lovers show you their true colors, believe them.  Then go back to being honest and trustworthy.

Gullible?  Maybe.  But innocent and true is far better than the opposite.  Even if it leaves you open for hurt.  Because at some point, along your hopeful journey to find ‘like’ people, the universe will hear you and good will come.

If all humans lived that way…what a world we’d live in!

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