i hate camping

Here are the 9 reasons I do not like to camp.

1)  I spend a small fortune to live like a homeless person.

2) Every little tiny thing you need, you must pack, bring there, unpack, repack, bring home and unpack.  Why bother?

3) Ice (my favorite need) (next to sex) is not readily available.

4) Warm cooked food requires so much work, I starve.

5) Sleep is not a possibility.  Unless it’s covered in Booze, but then if a spider, mountain lion or bear attacks me or my family, I won’t know about it till it’s too late.

6) When it rains, there is nowhere to hide.  You and everything you own gets completely drenched.

7) Ants and other bugs are just part of meals.

8) No Bathrooms to shower, pee or feel like a human again.

9) Dirt is like the air.  It’s everywhere.  Even in places you didn’t know it could go.