Why Humans Have To Be Right


Why Do Humans Have To Be Right?  We are always right.  Period.   As humans, we are always right.  You.  Me.  That guy sitting across from you.  That annoying lady to your left.  You are right.  They are right.  We (individually) are always right.


Follow me…

When we say something like, “I’m not good enough…”  or “I suck at math…”  the words we say go out of our mouth and into the air where our own EARS can hear.

“What the mouth says, the ears hear…”

you are rightThen when our ears hear what we say, we have to believe them because…why?  We are always right.  Then if we are saying that we aren’t good enough or that we suck at math, and we have to be right…guess what’s going to happen…? We WILL not be good enough and we WILL suck at math!


So don’t say stuff that you don’t really believe.

My kids get mad at me cause on the rare day we all go play tennis…I say in the car on the way over, “I’m great at tennis…”  my kids get mad but it’s psychology.   And guess what…when I play, I play great.  Not perfect.  Not even good…but to me, I play great!


So be kind to yourself when you talk about you!